Prague Open Mic is an opportunity for local as well as foreign talents to perform in front of international audience with the backing of POM's incredible houseband. Where else do you get that kind of thing?! The musicians, the sound, the stage, the audience - that all is yours, if you’re up for it.  This night is not just for singers who want to perform though. It is a place for all the people who want to experience something more; enjoy an exclusive night out, surprise a girl by taking her on an extraordinary date, savor a nice dinner with friends, or take their business partners to a classy and fun event. All that in one night: Prague Open Mic hosted by Beego Shea.  The open mic concept is not a new one and has been around for years. But POM is the only open mic in Prague that apart from the microphone provides the performers with backing of the POM’s house band - which consists of the top musicians in the Czech Republic.

We simply wanted an event that would be something more. Open mic that would give the audience an experience of world-class, immortal music classics. Open mic that would start a scouting platform in Prague. Open mic that would give everyone there a night to remember.
  And so, here we are.
  The Band:
  Beego Shea - host, lead vocal
  Lukáš Pánek – musical director, bass
  Luboš Víšek - tenor, sax
  Tomáš Fuchs/Kryštof Tomeček - guitars
  Frank Nedvěd - keyboards
  Michal Daněk/Jakub Šindler - drums

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DOs and DON'Ts of POM

DO let your friends know that you’re performing! Think of it this way: a significant part of the audience is the performers’ friends and family. If every singer invites zero people… there’s no audience to sing for, right? Plus, your pals can take pictures and videos of your performance!
DO take your time when you come up on stage, there’s no rush. We want you to have a great experience: check your mic stand height, monitor level, adjust it - and then start.
DO make sure you say hi to the band and the host - communicate! They’re there for YOU - acknowledge you’re on the stage together.
DO show up when you sign up. We take this one seriously. Consider it a gig - there is a whole dramaturgy for the evening, you’re a part of it! It would be super disrespectful to the band and everyone else working hard to put it together. You don’t show up, you don’t let us know that you'd forgotten to feed your cat, you go on the blacklist.  
DO play and stay. We want to chat, get to know you, network, that’s what POM’s all about! Have a drink and hang out for a bit.
DON’T heckle. Listen, we know you’re good, but let’s not get in over our heads. Especially if this is your first time performing live with a pro band behind you...go easy on the tough songs. Start with something you feel really confident about and then maybe next time level up.
DON’T talk loudly when others are performing. Everyone chats, but be considerate - you’re next.
DON'T take drinks onstage (well you know, water is fine, but we think you can survive without that pint for a couple of minutes).
DON’T let the nerves get to you - though we think one shot is ok to tackle the nervousness, don’t over do it. If you will have had too much, we’re probably not gonna let you perform. 
DON’T expect to get “discovered" instantly. We do hope to start a scouting platform here, but we can’t make any promises! This is an opportunity for you to network with other musicians. Open mics only lead to gigs if you work your contacts and follow up.
DON’T expect a professional record of your performance. Unfortunately, we can’t yet guarantee that there will be a supercool dynamic music video with sound editing of each singer. So we encourage you again - bring friends and hand them your phone.


See you at Prague Open Mic!

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The venue

La Loca
Music Bar & Lounge
Odborů 278/4
Praha 2